Edu Falaschi – “Moonlight”

edufalaschimoonlightEdu Falaschi is best known as the former lead singer of Angra. Back in 2001, he had the daunting task of replacing Angra’s original singer Andre Matos. His first album with Angra, “Rebirth,” is still very much my favorite of that band’s career. Yes that does include “Holy Land.” Edu’s voice has always been my preference. On his first solo album “Moonlight” his voice is at the center of these stripped down versions of songs from not only his days with Angra, but also with Almah and other projects. It’s a great way for Edu to celebrate 25 years in the music business.

The songs chosen for this album are all ones that he played a major hand in writing. This not only showcases his voice in a more relaxed, rich tone but it highlights that he is a great songwriter as well. Songs like “Nova Era,” “Rebirth,” “Wishing Well,” and especially “Heroes of Sand” are among my favorite Angra songs, with the last one being my all time favorite.

The arrangements are all beautiful. Instrumentation is centered around the piano but also features strings, flute and acoustic guitar accompaniment. I’ve always said “a good song is a good song regardless of how you play it.” A great song can be arranged any way possible and still sound amazing. That’s the case with this songs. “Moonlight” is amazing because it pays tribute to songs that don’t have to be big, loud prog metal anthems. Rather they can exist in this alternate reality and be something completely different yet still powerful.

On the downside, this album just makes me wish that Edu had never left Angra. Yes he still is making albums with Almah but I miss him with Angra. Their last album really needed him and “Moonlight” is a testament to a very talented man.

Rating: 9.5/10

1. Nova Era
2. Bleeding Heart
3. Arising Thunder
4. Rebirth
5. Breathe
6. Angels And Demons
7. Spread Your Fire
8. Wishing Well
9. Heroes of Sand

Label: Test Your Metal Records

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