Defecto – “Excluded”

defecto_excluded_cover_hqDefecto are an excellent band from Denmark that hopefully won’t go unnoticed by the prog metal community. Their brand of prog metal falls in line with bands like Symphony X, Scar Symmetry and fellow countrymen Mercenary. Since I am a big fan of all of those bands, I really enjoy what Defecto bring to the table.

I’ll admit that I think the band name doesn’t really fit them. But that’s one of the very few issues that I have with them and their new album “Excluded.” The band write really good songs with solid hooks and kick fucking ass in the meantime. Vocalist Nicklas Sonne has a very strong voice which can range from a Hetfield-esque howl to a death growl that reminds me of Christian Älvestam.

The title track kicks things off and puts you on notice right off. The playing is tight, plus there are some orchestra flourishes that just add to the drama of the track. “When Daylight Dies” keeps the momentum going. Honestly, this album is one really strong track after another. “Rage” is a favorite track of mine because it really captures the persona of rage that dwells in all of us.

The one track that doesn’t quite work for me is “Sands of Time.” It’s a full on power ballad which the band can do. I guess it just feels a little out of place to me. But it may very well grow on me over time. Defecto are talented enough that they should take chances like that and I applaud them for it.

If you’re a fan of prog metal that combines melodeath grooves with tight playing and strong vocals, you need to check out “Excluded.” Defecto shouldn’t be excluded from being noticed by listeners around the globe. Yeah that was fucking cheesy. The good news is that this album is not cheesy at all and really is quite impressive.

Rating: 8.5/10

1. Excluded
2. When Daylight Dies
3. You Had It Coming
4. Drifting Into Blackness
5. The Final Transition
6. Rage
7. Desperate Addict
8. Don’t Lose Yourself
9. Into Oblivion
10. Sovereign
11. The Sands Of Time

Label: Power Prog

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