Diogenes – “Caminante del Cielo”

12670527_10154029463862801_135345646983542371_nDiogenes are a progressive rock band from Chile. Their new album “Caminante del Cielo” is a mix of pleasant atmospheric prog with the occasional detour into prog metal riffage. While the music is often quite appealing, once again I am left feeling like the vocals don’t live up to what the music brings.

Diogenes even have TWO vocalists who often sing together. Unfortunately, neither of them have a very dynamic voice. Other times, the melodies are so repetitive that it gets a bit annoying. And for the most part, the music is quite good and probably would sound better as an instrumental album.

One of the better all around tracks is “Ten Ten.” The vocals have a bit more to offer but again, the music is still more punchy than the vocals. It’s not as obvious as some bands because both singers are in tune, they don’t have the voices that I’d associate with prog rock or prog metal.

It’s great that the album has deep cultural roots. I like when bands embrace their heritage and bring it out in the music. I do think the album will appeal to fans of Latin bands. The band can play also which is important to prog as always. The production and mix are also stellar. This is a great SOUNDING record. But overall, “Caminante del Cielo” isn’t my cup of tea but it just might satisfy someone else.

Rating: 6.5/10

1. Ayaoro I
2. Ayaoro II
3. Sueño Colectivo I: Torrente
4. Sueño Colectivo II: Kai Kai
5. Estados del Aura / Tarkada
6. Ten Ten
7. Energía Solar
8. Caminante del Cielo I
9. Caminante del Cielo II

Facebook: www.facebook.com/diogenesmagallanes

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