Myrath – “Legacy”

Legacy_1500x1500.jpgI don’t know any other band from Tunisia and maybe that’s one reason I am so drawn to Myrath. Technically Myrath is labeled as Franco-Tunisian but the sound has a distinct Arabian vibe to it. I’ve also seen it called “Oriental Metal,” which I don’t quite understand. It’s been four years since the last we heard from Myrath and a lot can happen in four years.

“Legacy” is the end result of those four years. Sometimes a longer break can mean a change in direction or focus but “Legacy” is still very much a Myrath album, though it’s perhaps more “tuneful” than ever before. The whole album is one catchy chorus, clever riff, tight guitar solo after another. If listeners were hoping for epics or extended solos, this album is NOT about that at all.

“Believer,” “Through Your Eyes,” and “The Needle” are songs with hit potential. The choruses are memorable and impossible not to sing along with. Even “Nobody’s Lives” has a chorus that I try to sing along with even though it’s in Arabic. Zaher Zorgati has an amazing voice and a great range which makes all of the songs sound even better. Guitarist Malek Ben Arbia gets in and out of solos better than many guitarists. The solos serve the song, first and foremost.

So what are the downsides? The songs start to sound a bit similar as you get deeper into the album but all in all, these are well written songs. I am concerned that Myrath are walking a fine line between prog metal and pop metal. Having big hooks is a great thing but I hope they don’t fall over that line like Circus Maximus did on “Havoc.”

“Legacy” is an aptly named album as it could very well prove to be that single moment in time where Myrath did everything JUST right. If fans of prog metal are tired of djent or people claiming to be prog when they are not, try Myrath who really are a breath of fresh desert air.

Rating: 9/10


  1. Jasmin
  2. Believer
  3. Get Your Freedom Back
  4. Nobody’s Lives
  5. The Needle
  6. Through Your Eyes
  7. The Unburnt
  8. I want To Die
  9. Duat
  10. Endure The Silence
  11. Storm Of Lies
  12. Other Side

Label: Nightmare Records

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  1. Oleg says:

    Hi, here are 3 more prog metal bands/albums from Tunisia and it happens that 2 of them were also released this year.

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