Schammasch – “Triangle”

Triangle hiresSchammasch might not be considered “prog” by some people but for me, they are exactly what being progressive means. Schammasch do things their own way and take their brand of extreme metal even further on their new “triple” album “Triangle.” You could argue that 33 minutes on each disc is more like 3 EPs but regardless of running time, symbolically it fits into the overall concept of “Triangle.”

The three discs come in three distinct movements: Part I: The Process Of Dying, Part II: Metaflesh and Part III: The Supernal Clear Light Of The Void. Each have their own style, both sonically and conceptually. Now, Swallow the Sun did something quite similar with their latest album “Songs from the North Parts I, II and III.” I have no problem if Schammasch use the same blueprint to create their own masterpiece.

After their last outing, the double album “Contradiction,” I was curious how they could top that one. “Contradiction” was MASSIVE, it had it’s own gravitational pull. So “Triangle” had to be even bigger and it is. Stylistically, each of the three parts separates different sides of Schammasch (yes that is similar to what Swallow the Sun did). Part I is the heaviest, Part II is the most melodic but it’s probably the most menacing at the same time (my overall favorite part), Part III is a voyage into the dark atmosphere of Schammasch.

Conceptually, “Triangle” would seem to be three different sides of Schammasch. But when laid out as one piece of work, the album is more like taking a journey with the band down a long, deviated path. The further into the album you go, the stranger and more challenging it gets. I love that! By the time you arrive at Part III, it becomes a dark ambient affair. The difference being that while I find most ambient based music to have little to “grab” onto, Part III has enough melody and rhythm that it pulls the listener in. As a full piece, Part III is fascinating and stands firmly on its own: dark yet beautiful.

The band remind me a lot of Celtic Frost and Triptykon as they are Swiss and have been produced by V Santura. Those aforementioned bands have certainly influenced Schammasch but Schammasch have evolved into a much more experimental beast and “Triangle” shows that they are far from being done with the experimenting. I am curious to see where this incredibly talented band goes from here.

Rating: 9/10

1. I. Crepusculum
2. I. Father’s Breath
3. I. In Dialogue With Death
4. I. Diluculum
5. I. Consensus
6. I. Awakening from the Dream of Life
7. II. The World Destroyed By Water
8. II. Satori
9. II. Metanoia
10. II. Above the Stars Of God
11. II. Conclusion
12. III. The Third Ray of Light
13. III. Cathartic Confession
14. III. Jacob’s Dream
15. III. Maelstrom
16. III. The Empyrean

Label: Prosthetic Records

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