The Vision Bleak – “The Kindred Of The Sunset” EP

The_Vision_Bleak_The_Kindred_of_the_SunsetI realize that The Vision Bleak aren’t EXACTLY prog but I do think they are prog related enough to interest people who like the Facebook page or read this site on a regular basis. Since the band are signed to my favorite record label, Prophecy Productions, that does mean I have a definite bias.

The Vision Bleak remind me of Moonspell, Paradise Lost and Tiamat. All of those are definitely gothic bands but have a progressive approach to their music. This EP is a taste of their upcoming album “The Unknown” and based on the tracks here, it should be an excellent release.

The title track sounds very much like an outtake from the last Moonspell album, “Extinct” which I absolutely LOVED. “The Whine Of The Cemetery Hound” is more in the vein of Paradise Lost with an excellent doom vibe. They cover Tiamat perfectly with “The Sleeping Beauty” and the EP closes with an instrumental “Purification Afterglow” which is quite a beautiful ending.

Fans of the band will definitely want this since the last 2 tracks are exclusive to the EP. People who have wanted to check out The Vision Bleak will find this to be an excellent sampler of what the band is all about. The EP certainly whets the appetite for what is to come!

Rating: 8/10

1. The Kindred Of The Sunset
2. The Whine Of The Cemetery Hound
3. The Sleeping Beauty
4. Purification Afterglow

Label: Prophecy Productions

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