Aliases – “Derangeable”

ALIASES-DerangeableThe Basick Records 2012 sampler was my first exposure to the UK’s Aliases (not to mention Circles, Monuments, Uneven Structure). While they did seem to disappear after that, it was not without good reason; one lead singer came and went, Joe Rosser earned the lead singer position (thank goodness), a new CD was recorded, a Pledge Music campaign was fulfilled, their drummer was recently replaced by Jof Walsh, and now we have a thick batch of tech metal to dissect in the form of “Derangeable” to hit the streets April 15, 2016.

Yes, Pin from SikTh plays guitar in Aliases. Does this sound like SikTh? Not really. This music is high energy but not as completely mental. Pin and Leah Woodward have put together guitar parts that are complimentary; sometimes harmonious, sometimes dissonant, but one can tell this is a two-guitar band on purpose. There are angular riffs and tapping licks to keep fans of guitars on their toes. Joe Heaton’s bass is given plenty of volume and has fantastic tone to give these guitar parts somewhere to float around. Again, the bass tone is tight.

We have some grippingly melodic choruses and energetic verses thanks to Rosser who is the perfect fit for this music, from croons to screams. Find clips of him in the studio and you’ll want to buy him a beer; seems like a funny dude.

“Derangeable” is a grower even though the initial impression was highly favorable. There is quite a lot going on, rightly earning the tag “tech metal.” Like many of my favorite recordings, the more you listen, the more you’ll find that you missed the previous time. I had the opportunity to listen through twice on a road trip and I’m going to kick things up a notch and guarantee this on my top 10 lists of 2016. It is high-energy yet emotional and boasts a number of eargasmic sections which are worth repeated listens.

A mention of the CD artwork is necessary: This is some beautifully deranged stuff (see what I did there?). Amazing color and detail.

Rating: 9/10

1. Find Where You Hide
2. Everything Is Upon Us
3. Back To The Start
4. Smile All You Like
5. Deep Sea Avenue
6. Uncontrollable Desires
7. Callous
8. Face For Lust
9. Seen It All
10. Untangled Mind
11. Above The Sky

Label: Basick Records

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