Misto – “Infinite Mirrors” EP

mistoThe band Misto is a one man band from Italy. The man behind Misto is Mirko. So Mirko is Misto. Got that? I wondered why he didn’t just call it Mirko too. But anyway, the debut EP is called “Infinite Mirrors” and it’s actually quite good. It does have an overall postrock vibe but the instrumentation has more in common with prog.

Whether it’s mellotrons or bells or lush arrangements, it makes the songs on “Infinite Mirrors” have more warmth to them. “Felixstowe” is a good example of that. My favorite track is probably “I Dreamt Of A Thousand Airplanes” which has a beautiful guitar line along with a pulsing percussion line. I love the bass guitar on this track too. It’s an excellent song to jog to.

Want more mellotron? “Interlude // Satan” is for you. I wish this piece was a lot longer. It mixes a mellotron with programmed percussion. The perfect mix of old and new sounds. The problem is it’s only 1:39 long. That’s probably my biggest issue. The shorter tracks on the EP feel a little too short and somewhat incomplete next to the other songs.

Overall, this is a fine little introduction to Misto/Mirko. He has an excellent sense of melody which always makes for good songs. He is also good at arranging each track to have its own unique identity. That is KEY for any instrumental act. Let’s hope for more from Misto/Mirko in the future!

Rating: 7.5/10

1. Intro // Sleepy Eyes
2. Felixstowe
3. I Dreamt Of A Thousand Airplanes
4. Interlude // Satan
5. The World Is An Ugly Place To Live
6. Fring

Bandcamp: misto.bandcamp.com

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