Steel Jungle – “Soidinmenot”

Steel-Jungle-SoidinmenotHelsinki’s Steel Jungle are a curious band. They clearly can and will do whatever they want on record. “Soidinmenot” is the result of this pioneering spirit. The album at times reminds me of The Aristocrats (“Ektoplasma”), other times Frank Zappa, and other times insane thrash metal performed by Joe Satriani (“Wanker”). “Funk Revival” sounds like a lost Primus jam.

Steel Jungle clearly have ADD and aren’t content to stay in one place for too long. This makes for a very entertaining yet somewhat confusing album! The bottom line is that this band are very talented musically while also never taking themselves too seriously. “Light” is a good example. It has awesome musicianship (check the bass solo) and a strange spoken word over top of it all.  Both “Shy Dragonfly” and “Steel Dildo” have killer grooves

“Soidinmenot” is the work of three talented guys that will appeal to progheads everywhere. Steel Jungle are one of those bands that could use their powers for good, but fuck all of that, they’d rather have fun. “Soidinmenot” is a TON of fun.

Rating: 8.5/10
1. Ektoplasma
2. Delutions
3. Wanker
4. Light
5. Funk revival
6. Shy Dragonfly
7. Steel Dildo
8. 7th Heaven
9. Uncertanity
10. YIP
11. Kakofonia

Label: Secret Entertainment

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