In Progress – “North Atlantic Echoes”

In ProgressIn Progress are a fascinating band. Any band that can release two albums that virtually have nothing in common other than the band! Their 2011 debut album “Signal Failure” was a prog metal with a slight industrial flavor. That album has former Fates Warning drummer Mark Zonder on it. It’s a loud, aggressive album.

The band’s second album “North Atlantic Echoes” is a quiet, ambient album with Kevin Moore guesting on a few tracks. The best comparison I could make would be Devin Townsend, who has done both ambient and prog metal, among other genres! The unpredictability also brings to mind Ulver, who basically do whatever they want on each album. You never know what you’ll get!

In Progress have the talent to pull of both of these varied styles. The duo consists of John Dillon on guitar and vocals, and Jake Rosenberg on keyboards. Each of them handle programming which is more in use on “North Atlantic Echoes.” With Kevin Moore assisting, it’s hard not to hear some Chroma Key in this album. There’s nothing wrong with that since Kevin is amazing.

“North Atlantic Echoes” is a far more challenging and interesting listen than “Signal Failure.” It has a lot more depth and layers. The sheer beauty of a track like “Chasing Ghosts” is something the first record just doesn’t have. It shows these two are growing at a rapid pace. The other thing is that this music fits Dillon’s voice even more.

In Progress are aptly named. These guys are fearless and do whatever they feel like musically. It’s this kind of exploration that prog needs more of. Both albums have great appeal and make perfect contrasts of each other. I am very anxious to hear what is next for In Progress.

Rating: 8.5/10

1. Tones From A Twisting Verse
2. Thunderstorms
3. Chasing Ghosts
4. Cloudburst
5. North Atlantic
6. Thorn Yard
7. Graveyard Snowfall


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