Far From Your Sun – “In the Beginning… was the Emotion”

ffys-cover“In the Beginning…was the Emotion” is an interesting album. It’s what I would consider to be art rock in it’s purest form. Nothing about the album is easy yet nothing is overly complex. Take the rhythms of Tool, add in the culture of Roxy Music and top it off with distinctly Ian Anderson like vocals, then you have Far From Your Sun.

The songs are on the long side but it’s not about soloing at all. This is one of those cases that the song is designed to invoke an emotion or complete a specific thought and however long that takes, that’s the song length. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked the album or the band for that matter. But that uncertainty made it interesting and made me examine it closer.

The lyrics are more like poetry than a verse/chorus/verse format. The music never overpowers the lyrics or vocals. The entire point of the music is to be like a framework for what’s being sung or said. And further more, I think the album works best as a full piece rather than separating it out.

Like I said, initially I wasn’t sure about any of it. The vocals are very dry and out front. But once you are used to them, it’s a much easier listen for sure. His higher register actually feels more like Maynard but he rarely goes there. His name? Good question. I can’t find anything on the members. I suppose it works for Ghost right? Far From Your Sun are an intriguing and talented band and those who like music as a form of art should enjoy “In the Beginning…was the Emotion.”

Rating: 8/10

1. Far From Your Sun
2. Under the Hands of Time
3. Annabel Lee
4. Life
5. The Eightfold Path
6. A Thousand Lives
7. On the Path (of the Hanged Men)
8. F.A.D.

Website: farfromyoursun.com

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I have been a fan of progressive metal and progressive rock for most of my life. My music collection is insanely large. My passion for life is music...progressive music!
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3 Responses to Far From Your Sun – “In the Beginning… was the Emotion”

  1. Olá!
    Conheci o site recentemente e já estou viciada nas suas postagens. Um dos meus hobbies favoritos de todos os tempos é procurar bandas novas, conhecer novos sons, gêneros. Sou amante de progressivo e muitos subgêneros do rock e metal, além de outros gêneros. Mas definir gêneros é algo complexo: eu gosto de música que me inspira como arte.

    O que eu queria dizer é: eu gostei das músicas da banda. Estranhamente, soam mesmo como um Tool adverso. Diríamos um Id Tool (diferente do Superego Tool, impulsivo).
    O fato de não encontrar nada sobre a banda me instigou. Quem são eles? Estou seguindo no facebook, mas nada sobre a banda encontrei.
    No bandcamp tem todo o album para ouvir.

    Parabéns pelas postagens! (O que me fez gostar do site foi a postagem do novo album do Ihsahn, na verdade. Hahahhaha Um dos meus gênios musicais preferidos).
    Já me sinto leitora assídua!

    Liked by 1 person

    • progmanrob says:

      Ei Carla , eu agradeço todas as palavras gentis. Eu não tenho informações sobre isso além de sua página no Facebook banda. É realmente estranho ! Estou tão feliz que você gosta da página e do site. Obrigado!


  2. Corrigindo: no site da banda tem todo o álbum para ouvir.

    Liked by 1 person

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