Fatal Destiny – “Palindromia”

Fatal Destiny Artwork PalindromiaThe dichotomy of Fatal Destiny’s band name is also a factor when it comes to their new album “Palindromia.” The band is very talented. They write good melodies and hooks. Unfortunately, there are a few things that prove fatal for this album.

The mix is just not consistent at all. Many times an instrument or vocal is significantly louder than the rest of the band. Vocalist Andrea Zamboni has a great range, especially his high register. But more often that not, his vocals get so loud in the mix that they are blaring and uncomfortable. I was listening on headphones and had to turn the volume down on tracks like “Human Factory” and “The Gate of Time” that I couldn’t really hear any of the other instruments.

Other times, the keys seem like they aren’t part of the mix. On “Beyond Dreams,” they are almost detached and float off. I also wish the guitar and bass had more thickness. These guys can definitely play so it would be cool if the album had more balls at times. Lyrically, the songs are good but “Dear Amy” ventures into a very cheesy, cliched area.

Whoever mixed and produced the album did the band a disservice. They deserve much better sound than they got. Sound-wise, they definitely fall into the Dream Theater/Symphony X style. Drummer Nicolò Dalla Valentina has a hyper active cymbal style very reminiscent of Winery Dogs’ drummer Mike Portnoy. Overall, “Palindromia” has incredible potential that gets undermined by outside forces. I’ll give the band the benefit of the doubt with my rating.

Rating: 7/10

1. Palindromia
2. Beyond Dreams
3. Leave Me Here
4. The Gate of Time
5. Feel Alone
6. Dear Amy
7. Human Factory
8. No Devil Lived On

Facebook: www.facebook.com/fataldestinyofficial

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