Magnum – “Sacred Blood ‘Divine’ Lies”

MagnumMagnum have been around a very long time. Their roots are in 70s prog but have had more in common with melodic hard rock than anything akin to Yes or King Crimson. For me, they are a more kinder, gentler version of Uriah Heep. The bottom line is, other than a 6 year hiatus, they have been making good music for a lot of years.

Their new album “Sacred Blood ‘Divine’ Lies” doesn’t reinvent the wheel nor is that even needed at this stage of Magnum’s career. The key elements are still present. Bob Catley can still sing, Tony Clarkin can write a good riff. The keys of Mark Stanway add an element of prog amongst very hooky, melodic songs which does help the overall sound.

Sadly, some very inane lyrics derail what could have been a very good album. “Crazy Old Mothers” is as cliched as it sounds, it’s as goofy as shit (the video is below). “Gypsy Queen” and “Don’t Cry Baby” are good songs musically, killed by simple lyrics. There are some solid songs overall. Both “Your Dreams Won’t Die” and “Afraid of the Night” manage to not get sabotaged by their lyrics. It’s not Shakespeare but the words are at least tolerable.

If you like Magnum, you’ll like this album. They are what they are, a solid melodic rock band. If you are hoping that Magnum will somehow push themselves to be a bit more, you are going to be disappointed. Maybe next time.


1. Sacred Blood, “Divine” Lies
2. Crazy Old Mothers
3. Gypsy Queen
4. Princess in Rags (The Cult)
5. Your Dreams Won’t Die
6. Afraid of the Night
7. A Forgotten Conversation
8. Quiet Rhapsody
9. Twelve Men Wise and Just
10. Don’t Cry Baby

Label: Steamhammer / SPV

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