Riverside announce memorial service for Piotr Grudziński


Photo credit: unknown.

Riverside has posted the details for the memorial service for guitarist Piotr Grudziński on their Facebook page:

żegnamy Piotra w najbliższy poniedziałek 29.02 o 14:30. Warszawa. Cmentarz Komunalny Północny na Wólce Węglowej. ul. Wóycickiego 14.
Goodbye Peter on the Monday 29.02 o 14:30. Warsaw. Municipal cemetery north on Hamlet, metal. UL. Wóycickiego 14.

Tonight on my radio show, I will be paying tribute to Piotr Grudziński & Riverside. The show will feature music from EACH Riverside studio album and EP.  8pm Eastern, 2AM CET on Metal World Radio. This will be a celebration of his life and music.

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