Spiritual Beggars – “Sunrise to Sundown”

SPIRITUAL-BEGGARS-Sunrise-To-SundownThis is one of those bands and albums that really don’t fit the “prog” label. Their label Inside Out Music are the premiere prog label so that’s the main reason that I even considered this. For those unaware, Spiritual Beggars are a super group made up of some well-known metal musicians but playing retro classic rock.

The band features Arch Enemy guitarist Michael Amott, ex-Opeth keyboardist Per Wilberg and ex-Firewind vocalist Apollo Papathanasio among others. Given the pedigree of the musicians involved, you’d expect something special. While “Sunrise to Sundown” (like all of their albums) is quite listenable, it’s nothing special. They are basically a solid band with good vocals.

One issue is that all of the albums are basically interchangeable. Another issue is that the lyrics are often fairly cheesy. Nothing terrible mind you but still it’s rather unremarkable. There are many bands with a foot in the 70s who are far more adventurous and interesting, Witchcraft comes to mind.

“Sunrise to Sundown” is more of the same from Spiritual Beggars which is great if you are satisfied with what they’ve done thus far. The playing is top notch as it should be. The songs are all a blend of classic rock, stoner metal and psych rock. At least it’s better than the last Arch Enemy album, but what isn’t?

Rating: 6.5/10

1. Sunrise To Sundown
2. Diamond Under Pressure
3. What Doesn’t Kill You
4. Hard Road
5. Still Hunter
6. No Man’s Land
7. I Turn To Stone
8. Dark Light Child
9. Lonely Freedom
10. You’ve Been Fooled
11. Southern Star

Label: Inside Out Music

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