Perihelion Ship – “A Rare Thunderstorm in Spring”

coverThis is not one of those typical reviews where I get send an album by a label, a band or a PR company. This album was suggested to me by my buddy Robert Brady, who said two words: “HOLY FUCK!” With that sort of intro, I had to check them out. I listened and he was right! I bought it immediately on Bandcamp.

It’s amazing that this is a band that have come out of nowhere to release an album of this depth and magnitude. Perihelion Ship are from Finland and, other than a two song demo, have no history. However, after listening to “A Rare Thunderstorm in Spring,” they sound like a band that’s been around for many years.

Stylistically, they sound like older Opeth merged with the heavy mellotron sounds of Anekdoten. The opening track “Misplaced Rainfall” starts with a long mellotron solo by keyboardist Jani Konttinen. It just doesn’t get much cooler than that! In addition, there’s plenty of vintage hammond organ through out the album as well. The band is plenty heavy and extreme as well. It’s really a perfect marriage of classic prog and extreme metal.

The key to this album is that the band write great songs and can play anything. Add in that vocalist/guitarist Andreas Hammer has an outstanding clean vocal plus a killer harsh vocal. Yes these songs are all epic with the title track clocking in over 21 minutes to close out the album in style! The song has some spoken word from a “Godmachine” which works well in conveying a bleak future. At least it feels it!

The production and mix are absolutely pristine. “A Rare Thunderstorm in Spring” is a rare gem for all seasons from a band that hopefully gets noticed by the masses. Do not miss out on this one, folks. This is easily one of 2016’s best albums and a real find! BUY IT NOW!!!

Rating: 10/10

1. Misplaced Rainfall
2. The Emperor Idea
3. Fool Of White Antlers
4. The Poet From The Mad Moon
5. A Rare Thunderstorm In Spring


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