Skeleton King – “Natural Kingdom”

coverI have to give huge credit to Trendkill Recordings for sharing this EP in my Facebook group because I would not have known about it and neither would you. Fortunately, this will resolve that issue. Skeleton King are a French band (I love French bands) that play a brand of prog metal that, while being plenty technical, is very atmospheric at the same time.

The band pain a picture within each track that actually fit the title they give it. “Majestic Waves” is beautiful and powerful. “Strange Society” is angular and the heaviest track. “Natural Kingdom” is a nice balance of everything the band does. “Melancolia” is more somber and subdued.

Imagine Scale the Summit with more self awareness. Imagine Long Distance Calling being even more fearless. That’s as close as I can get to describing what Skeleton King are all about. There are ample solos but more important, there are melody lines that are memorable. “Natural Kingdom” is how instrumental prog metal SHOULD sound, so if you think each band is the same, you need to check out Skeleton King.

Rating: 9.5/10

1. Majestic Waves
2. Strange Society
3. Natural Kingdom
4. Melancolia

Big Cartel:

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