Voivod – “Post Society” EP

voivod-post-society-epFirst of all, there is no way possible for me to be objective about Voivod. I LOVE VOIVOD! I’ve loved every single album they have done. I love “Angel Rat.” I love both albums with E-Force fronting the band. I loved the last album “Target Earth” which was the first without the late, great Piggy and saw the return of Blacky on bass. So this review has only one possible outcome.

“Post Society” is awesome. I could just stop there but I’ll at least try to say why. New bassist Rocky fits in perfectly and while he doesn’t have Blacky’s distinctive tone, he is an absolute BEAST on bass. This version of Voivod (with Away on drums as always, Snake on vocals and Chewy on guitar) proves they are every bit as dangerous as each lineup before.

No one sounds like Voivod other than Voivod. New songs like the title track, “Forever Mountain” and “We are Connected” are every bit a continuation of that sound. “Fall” is a slightly different sound as it starts almost like a ballad. In some respect it reminds me of “Le Pont Noir” from my favorite Voivod album, “The Outer Limits,” but it winds up picking up more steam as it goes along and is yet another cool track.

Voivod is also one of the best bands at doing covers. Their classic cover of Pink Floyd’s “Astronomy Domine” is still my favorite cover of all time by anyone, anywhere ever. They’ve also done a killer version of Floyd’s “The Nile Song” and King Crimson’s classic “21st Century Schizoid Man.” On this EP they close it out with a kick ass version of the Hawkwind chestnut “Silver Machine” which fits in perfectly.

What else can I say? It’s yet another perfect release from one of my favorite bands who are always doing what they want and staying true to who they are, regardless of who is in the band. “Post Society” even makes a nice introduction to those who have not gotten into Voivod yet. There is no other band like Voivod. All Hail Voivod!

Rating: 10/10

1. Post Society
2. Forever Mountain
3. Fall
4. We Are Connected
5. Silver Machine

Website: www.voivod.com

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