EXCLUSIVE FULL ALBUM STREAM: Hypno5e – “Shores of the Abstract Line”

PEL 049_cover_DIG
The pioneers of cinematic metal, HYPNO5E, are back with their third album, “Shores of the Abstract Line.” This release explores in greater depth the philosophical landscapes crafted by the band on their first 2 albums. Operating in the fractured nomansland where memory meets imagination, HYPNO5E’s raison d’être is providing foundation for the unknown and unimagined.

Fans of Cynic, Gojira, Cult of Luna, Pink Floyd and Between the Buried and Me are sure to find a lot to enjoy on “Shores of the Abstract Line.” This is destined to be one of the best albums of 2016. Read my review of this masterpiece here!

To pre-order “Shores of the Abstract Line”
LP: http://pelagic-records.com/?p=6223
CD: http://pelagic-records.com/?p=6214

Here is the exclusive full album stream of “Shores of the Abstract Line.”

I. East Shore – Landscape in the Mist
II. East Shore – In Our Deaf Lands
III. West Shore – Where We Lost the Ones
IV. West Shore – Memories
V. Central Shore – Tio
VI. North Shore – The Abstract Line
VII. North Shore – Sea Made of Crosses
VIII. South Shore – Blind Man’s Eye


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