Forgotten Suns – “When Worlds Collide”

Forgotten SunsForgotten Suns are a Portuguese band that have their roots in 90s prog metal and 80s neo-prog. They have a sound reminiscent of Dream Theater’s style of prog metal, very big riffs and longer songs. There’s even a touch of IQ to their approach as well.

“When Worlds Collide” is about 80 minutes long and most of the tracks are quite lengthy. One upside is that the band are very talented at playing. “Fortress of Silence” and the title track are probably the two longer songs that work the best overall.  The best part being the choice of keyboard sounds which at times are vintage and other times quite modern. “Rise & Fall” is their “ballad” and while it’s a nice song, I just wish it was sooner in the album and had a stronger hook.

Vocalist Nio Nunes isn’t as strong as I’d like. He actually sounds good on some of the songs and flat on others. The music really needs someone with great range and control. Also, he does a harsh vocal which doesn’t work. On “In Harm’s Way,” it comes out sounding like a belch. The song really doesn’t need a harsh vocal to be honest.

Musically, there are some riffs and melodies that I feel like I’ve heard before. It could be that these riffs are catchier than I thought! But the first piano line on the closing track “The Road to Nowhere part II” sounds exactly like something I have heard already. Unfortunately, since I can’t place it, maybe I am wrong and it’s just a good melody line.

I give credit to the band for being VERY good players. But at the end of the day, they are doing something that has been done before. There’s still a demand for old school prog metal, so I am sure “When Worlds Collide” has a market out there.

Rating: 6.5/10

1. The Road to Nowhere part I
2. In Harm’s Way
3. Somewhere in the Darkness
4. Fortress of Silence
5. When Worlds Collide
6. Rise & Fall
7. The Road to Nowhere part II

Label: Premiere Music

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