Mind’s Horizon- “The Mind’s Horizon: Desolation Within”

MonolithIt’s bands like Mind’s Horizon (formerly Monolith) from Indiana that make reviewing music worthwhile. They have ambition and drive along with a ton of talent. “The Mind’s Horizon: Desolation Within” is about as epic as it gets too. It’s the first part of a two part double album. The band have a lot of influences and styles that they combine into their own brand of progressive metal. They have the chops of Dream Theater, the grit of early Mastodon and the vision of Between the Buried and Me.

“The Mind’s Horizon: Desolation Within” is a massive album clocking in at around 78 minutes with just 7 tracks. After a nice 2 minute intro “In Effigy,” fasten your seat belts because you are going on a roller coaster ride. “From Darkness Unto Dawn” has an amazing middle section which would make Dream Theater jealous and then it finishes off with some viking metal! “Embers on the Wind” has everything from prog rock, black metal vocals to that technical, swamp metal that Mastodon used to play.

What I like best about Mind’s Horizon is that regardless of what direction each track goes in (and each track is a journey), the transitions on each song are flawless. Too many bands approach long tracks like they are assembling it versus letting the song do what it needs to do. Creating long tracks is not something you can learn, you either have that skill set or you don’t. Mind’s Horizon are QUITE skilled at it.

The performances by the band are all quite amazing. The band are all amazing players and vocalist Jake Quintanilla can basically do any type of vocal that’s needed, from clean to death metal to black metal. Mind’s Horizon have a lot of weapons at their disposal and that makes being able to execute songs like this sound the way they need to sound.

Every song is epic and powerful but none more-so than the 20 minute closing track “Last Light.” The song has quite a few sections that all flow together perfectly. From a beautiful acoustic section to a grandiose prog section to a headbanging blitzkrieg. A 20 minute song should never FEEL like a 20 minute song and that’s the case here. It’s always interesting and engaging.

My only qualm with the album is I wish the production was a little brighter. It has a grimy feel which is fine, I supposed I am used to the razor edge sound of bands like Opeth or Enslaved. Mind’s Horizon could be in THAT league. They are that talented. If “The Mind’s Horizon: Desolation Within” is just the first part, the pressure is on Mind’s Horizon to craft a second part worthy of this amazing beginning.

Rating: 9/10

1. In Effigy
2. From Darkness Unto Dawn
3. Perihelion
4. Embers On The Wind
5. The Monolith
6. Deathless Delirium
7. Last Light

Facebook: www.facebook.com/monolithmusic

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