Headspace – “All That You Fear is Gone”

HeadspaceHeadspace are back with their follow up to “I am Anonymous.” The band is not short on talent with Threshold vocalist Damian Wilson and keyboardist Adam Wakeman, son of the legendary Rick Wakeman. Unfortunately, name dropping doesn’t write music. If only it did!

A lot of people liked “I am Anonymous” better than I did. I thought the album had some very strong moments and good playing. Also, Wilson’s vocals were not at all annoying. I am a Threshold fan and my biggest issue has always been his voice. He really overdoes the vibrato at times and other times his high register can be like nails on a chalkboard. On “All That You Fear is Gone,” much of that is on display again.

“Kill You With Kindness” is overall a solid song until Wilson overdoes it in the middle part of the song. “The Science Within Us” has a really ANNOYING distorted vocal that starts out as speaking before he once again over sings. It effectively kills the track just 2 minutes in. There is more of the same throughout “All That You Fear is Gone.”

The biggest issue I have is that the songs are really all over the place. It seems like the band insist that each song has a mellow section or is a mellow acoustic track. “Polluted Alcohol” is a bluesy acoustic track. “The Element” is an acoustic based interlude, dream-like track. “The Death Bell” is another short interlude. “The Day You Return” is another mellow track. “Borders and Days” is…yes you guessed it another acoustic, mellow track. It’s too much after a while.

The structure of many of the longer or upbeat songs tends to be lacking. The aforementioned “Kill You With Kindness” seems to be a few different songs glued together. “The Science Within Us” and “Secular Souls” are the two longer epics. The tracks each wander around aimlessly, often bumping into mellow, acoustic sections along the way. What a shock. Yes the band does decide to go all proggy at times on each track but it sounds forced and calculated. “Secular Souls” is so annoying both vocally and musically, I can’t even get through it.

Lyrically, the songs don’t really hit me either. I think that’s the problem in general. The songs are lacking strong hooks and are quite forgettable. Fans who LOVED the last Headspace album might be able to handle this one. “All That You Fear is Gone” is the type of album that people who hate prog metal can point to as what is wrong with the genre.

Boring, rudderless and forgettable.

Rating: 2/10

1. Road to Supremacy
2. Your Life Will Change
3. Polluted Alcohol
4. Kill You With Kindness
5. The Element
6. The Science Within Us
7. Semaphore
8. The Death Bell
9. The Day You Return
10. All That You Fear Is Gone
11. Borders and Days
12. Secular Souls

Label: Inside Out Music

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