Omnium Gatherum – “Grey Heavens”

LFR158Omnium Gatherum are one of those bands that has gotten better and better with each release. The key is that each release has been really amazing, so each time they top it, it’s quite a pleasant surprise. For me their run of greatness started with 2008’s “The Redshift” which was an amazing album that well exceeded the album from only a year prior “Stuck Here on Snakes Way.” Each album after has been better each time.

With their new album “Grey Heavens,” I was actually a bit concerned at first. They released a single ahead of the album called “Skyline” and I wasn’t completely sold on the song. It was more basic sounding than previous songs by Omnium Gatherum, especially the drumming which was very straight forward. The song felt a little bland. Perhaps it was targeted to radio.

The good news is that “Skyline” is the weakest track on “Grey Heavens” and actually fits better within the scope of the entire album. The second single “Frontiers” probably would have been a better first single as it feels more like the Omnium Gatherum that I know and love.

“Grey Heavens” has all the things I want from an Omnium Gatherum album. An epic in the form of “Majesty and Silence” which is as good as their previous ones like “Everfields” or “White Palace.” I actually like it better than those. Plenty of dynamics on the track and it still retains lots of power. The album also has a phenomenal instrumental in “These Grey Heavens” which allows the band to truly flex their playing ability. If you don’t think Omnium Gatherum are proggy, listen to the aforementioned songs and learn.

I also like the use of clean vocals in various songs. They are basically sprinkled here and there but Jukka Pelkonen gutteral growl is always present. He sounds great and yes this is Adult Oriented Death Metal (their description) at its best. “Grey Heavens” proves once again that Omnium Gatherum are a cut above other metal bands with their depth, talent and great songwriting.

Rating: 9/10

1. The Pit
2. Skyline
3. Frontiers
4. Majesty and Silence
5. Rejuvenate!
6. Foundation
7. The Great Liberation
8. Ophidian Sunrise
9. These Grey Heavens
10. Storm Front

Record Label: Lifeforce Records / Century Media

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