N.y.X. – “The News”


Influences are important to any band. Every band has influences, regardless of how “fresh” they claim to be. I have no issue with a band wearing their influences on their sleeve provided the songs and arrangement are all amazing. While N.y.X. are clearly influenced by Adrian Belew era King Crimson (he even guests on a track, Trey Gunn on another), they are not copying their influences at all. I also hear a fair amount of Oingo Boingo as well which is also a plus.

In fact, I’d go as far to say that N.y.X. sound more similar to the Crimson side project, ProjeKCt Two. N.y.X. utilize electronic percussion which is a rarity these days. One of the most unforgiving instruments of the 80s was those damn Simmons drums. But these sound nothing like that and sound more like what Adrian Belew was playing for ProjeKCt Two. Danilo A. Pannico does a tasteful job of choosing which type of percussion to play and has the ability to pull off anything he does.

Overall, the band sounds great. They are gifted musicians, though Walt F. Nyx’s vocals can be a bit off putting but he reminds me of Mitch Elrod who fronted Mitch Elrod’s Swim Team in the early 90s. Neither are the most gifted singers but their off kilter tone fits the insanity surrounding them.

Though I love each track on “The News,” I’d have to say I love the song “A Sarcastic Portrait” which features Belew soloing on it. The epic closer “The Daily Dark Delirium” starts off sounding a bit like “Sleep Together” by Porcupine Tree before launching itself into an electronic freakout. It not only features Trey Gunn on Warr guitar but also some tremendous bass playing by Nyx. It’s a wonderfully bonkers finale

Fans of King Crimson sound consider “The News” by N.y.X. as essential. The whole album brings a smile to my face as it’s a wild, frenetic ride that is so much damn fun! Once again, Bad Elephant Music have uncovered a band in N.y.X. who aren’t afraid to mix musicality with complete madness.

Rating: 9/10

1. Restless Slumber (At The Break Of Dawn)
2. Groundhog Day (Wakening, Dressing, Starting Up…)
3. A Sarcastic Portrait (Editorial, Home and Foreign…)
4. Discord (Domestic Policies)
5. The Paper (Titles & Subtitles)
6. Oscillations Du Chaos – Part III
7. The Daily Dark Delirium

Label: Burning Shed (UK) – tinyurl.com/nyxpobs
7D Media (US) – music.7dmedia.com/album/the-news
Bandcamp: nyxband.bandcamp.com/album/the-news

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