Rubén Álvarez – “Mil años de oscuridad”

Alvarez“Mil años de oscuridad” is a tour de force from the very talented Rubén Álvarez. Álvarez plays every instrument on this EP and that ranges from electric and acoustic guitars to keyboards of all kinds such as organs and pianos. The wide range of instrumentation just adds a greater depth to each track.

The title track is more in the vein of epic progressive rock and is my favorite of the two presented here. “Mi estandarte” is more of a power metal song with some prog flourishes. I particularly like when that track slows down around the 4 and 1/2 minute mark.

There are vocals performed (in Spanish) by Josué Xancó, who is a good singer but I am not going to call him the best I’ve ever heard. That said he is capable but I don’t always think the songs NEED vocals. The reason being the music is so damn good! Regardless of the vocals, this is a very fine EP and even if the drums are programmed, everything is done so tastefully.

Rating: 8/10

1. Mil años de oscuridad
2. Mi estandarte


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