Foret D’ Orient – “Venetia”

VenetiaForet D’ Orient are part of an ever growing symphonic black metal scene that has become increasingly more progressive as time has gone on. Dimmu Borgir layed a blueprint which bands like So Hideous, Shade Empire and now Foret D’Orient have expanded on. The landscape is larger and more epic.

Like So Hideous, Foret D’Orient use an orchestra as if they are PART of the band versus being something added on to it. On “Venetia,” it is the Wintermoon Orchestra that joins Foret D’Orient. The main difference here is that the orchestra seem to follow the band versus with So Hideous where it sounds the other way around. “Venetia” sounds epic which is essential in my opinion.

In addition to the orchestra, there are choral moments, acoustic guitars and lush piano moments. The bass guitar even steps to the forefront when needed on tracks like “Dal Mare Alla Terra Adhuc Viventi.” The harp intro on “Lepanto” (with a lush string accompaniment) is strikingly beautiful, especially when followed by brutal black metal vocals. And the bass guitar on “Lepanto” is something Chris Squire would appreciate! Also, make sure you check out the harp SOLO on “Sogno De Vis.”

The production on “Venetia” is absolutely immaculate and stunning. There are SO many things going on on each track and you can hear every single thing perfectly. It would be so easy to have the band drowned the orchestra or even have the orchestra overwhelm the power of the band. This album finds the PERFECT balance.

“Venetia” is an absolute FIND. Every once in a while I need a reminder exactly why it is that I do music reviews and this album is a prime reason. Foret D’Orient have released an immensely powerful and beautiful album that retains its symphonic roots while still being heavy as ever. This is NOT an album to be missed.

Rating: 8.5/10

1. Sacrum Militare Oratorium
2. A Reitia
3. Dal Mare Alla Terra Adhuc Viventi
4. Lepanto
5. Sogno De Vis
6. Dominio Da Mar
7. Adagio In Sol Minore


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