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Pomegranate Tiger – “Boundless”

The audience for instrumental progressive metal grows every day. Today, technology is such that one person can create a full album in one’s bedroom. Sithu Aye, Plini, Cloudkicker, Intervals, David Maxim Micic, all roll off the brain as examples of … Continue reading

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Armonite – “The Sun is New Each Day”

Armonite sounds like a new mineral or something and not a prog band. The band have all of the elements of a good prog band. Great musicianship, bassist Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree) and solid production from Paul Reeve. What makes … Continue reading

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Bloodlash – “Rain” EP

Mexico’s Bloodlash are talented musicians. Of course, playing technical metal means you really need to be talented or your music will sound like shit. And on the surface, their EP “Rain” sounds good. The music is good, the singing is … Continue reading

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Dead Letter Circus – “Aesthesis”

Another Dead Letter Circus album, another Dead Letter Circus guitarist. For “Aesthesis,” Luke Palmer has replaced Tom Skerlj, who was initially their live guitarist for the “This is the Warning” tour. Original guitarist Rob Maric was replaced by Clint Vincent … Continue reading

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Devin Townsend – “Ziltoid – Live at the Royal Albert Hall”

Another live Devin Townsend event in London, “Ziltoid – Live at the Royal Albert Hall” was recorded on April 13, 2015. This is a beautiful package that contains both sets from the night. The first set being “Dark Matters” in … Continue reading

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Neil Peart retires from music

The news of the legendary Rush drummer Neil Peart’s retirement from music is not entirely surprising. Both Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson had said that it didn’t look good for the band following the last tour. Neil suffered a lot … Continue reading

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Divided Multitude – “Divided Multitude”

Divided Multitude are the self proclaimed “Godfathers of Norwegian Prog-Metal.” I found that to be a little strange since I’ve never heard of them. Perhaps there is a reason for that? Indeed there is. This is their second self-titled album … Continue reading

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Amber Asylum – “Sin Eater”

I am someone who does like to explore the boundaries of progressive music. It’s one of the reasons I am drawn to a label such as Prophecy Productions. Yes I am kissing ass for a second. The artists that they … Continue reading

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Amiensus – “Ascension”

It would be very easy to judge a book by its cover when it comes to Minnesota’s Amiensus. Their logo and the cover of “Ascension” scream black metal. While the band have some elements of black metal, like the verses … Continue reading

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