Arcane announce they are disbanding

arcaneAustralian prog band Arcane announced via Facebook that they are breaking up. Here is the official announcement:

It is with sad but hopeful hearts that we must announce that Arcane, our beautiful baby, our first and foremost project, must come to an end. For the founding members that remain, it has been a long, arduous, and rewarding 10 year musical journey. With our lives growing ever more complicated and ever more full of new and different music, all of us have decided to most amicably part ways in order to continue our work on our many other projects.

ARCANE - Known  Learned -  front

We are all immensely proud of what we’ve achieved in “Known/Learned”. This album is a beautiful and melancholy summing up of our time with this project, and it is our hope that it is the album by which our decade of work is measured.

We are all still dear friends, and we will absolutely not rule out coming back together years from now to create more Arcane music when the time is right – but sadly now is not that time.

As individuals, between us we are involved in Caligula’s Horse, hazards of swimming naked, Echotide, agrammeofsoma and Polaroid Bag, all of which should have new material surfacing over the next year, so there will be plenty of music to enjoy from the minds, hands, and happy accidents that brought you Arcane.

We thank you all. You, our wonderful friends and fans. Our family. We thank you for your undying support and love for what we have done over this last decade.

This is not goodbye – but until next time…

Love and thanks from all of us who have spent time as Arcane:

Jim Grey, Michael Gagen, Matt Martin, Blake Coulson, Adrian Goleby, Stephen Walsh, Brendon Blanchard, and Mick Millard


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