Devin Townsend – “Ziltoid – Live at the Royal Albert Hall”

ziltoidAnother live Devin Townsend event in London, “Ziltoid – Live at the Royal Albert Hall” was recorded on April 13, 2015. This is a beautiful package that contains both sets from the night. The first set being “Dark Matters” in its entirety and the second being a “fan favorite” setlist.

The level of production that went into the “Dark Matters” set was incredible. Video screens, a choir, narration, lights and everything to make the set sound like the album including singer Dominique Lenore Persi playing the part of the War Princess. But it’s almost too perfect. While I definitely think it’s visually stunning, musically it sounds so close to the record (especially Persi’s dialogue and singing), it makes me wonder how “live” it truly is.

The second set consists of songs voted online by the fans. It’s awesome because there are more expected songs like “Lucky Animals” or “Kingdom” along side deep catalog tracks like “Heatwave” and “Night.” There’s no spectacle either. The band aren’t dressed in their DTP uniforms either. It’s all about the music which is awesome! It’s a fun set and you can tell the whole band, especially Devin, is enjoying it.

This is a no brainer for any Devin Townsend fan. Regardless of how live it might or might not be, it’s just an awesome show that took a LOT to arrange and execute. Devin Townsend is a genius and this concert is yet another showcase of his ability as a song writer and master showman.

CD 1
1. Z²
2. From Sleep Awake
3. Ziltoidian Empire
4. War Princess
5. Deathray
6. March of the Poozers
7. Wandering Eye
8. Earth
9. Ziltoid Goes Home
10. Through The Wormhole
11. Dimension Z
CD 2
1. Namaste
2. Night
3. Deadhead
4. Earth Day
5. Christeen
6. Supercrush!
7. Kingdom
8. Lucky Animals
CD 3
1. Heatwave
2. Funeral
3. Bastard
4. The Death Of Music
5. Universal Flame

Label: InsideOut Music

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