Divided Multitude – “Divided Multitude”

Divided MultitudeDivided Multitude are the self proclaimed “Godfathers of Norwegian Prog-Metal.” I found that to be a little strange since I’ve never heard of them. Perhaps there is a reason for that? Indeed there is. This is their second self-titled album of their career which started 20 years ago. Still, why the hell have I never heard of them??

The band are very talented players, specifically keyboardist Eskild Kløften who shines throughout this release. His solos are stunning and his choice of sounds are always tasteful. Bassist Rayner Harøy is also great to listen to but unfortunately is not always audible in the mix unless there are no guitars. This is a pity since when you can hear him, it’s amazing.

This leads to the problem. Singer Sindre Antonsen is just not that good. He over sings constantly and often sounds like he is missing notes when he really isn’t. There’s even a rasp to his voice that sounds more like something is stuck in his throat. It’s quite distracting.

There’s also a weird metalcore vocal on the opening track “Immortal” that is so fucking awful. It’s so bad it’s almost hilarious. I assumed I’d hear that elsewhere on the album but I didn’t. It was so bad it actually made Antonsen sound good on the song. But by the time “Closure” starts, you are left with his overblown vocals.

There are a few songs that survive. “Only For You” is a great song musically, despite the very cheesy lyrics. The closer “Seal of Faith” is my favorite song on the album because the vocals are actually quite good to start the song. But it’s too little too late.

The lyrics on some tracks are vapid. “How Many Tears” and “Proud” were so engulfed in cheese that I had to skip both before gagging. And it’s a shame really! The music on this album is always good. The melodies don’t really fit the excellent music half the time either.

Divided Multitude should consider releasing this as an instrumental album because otherwise this is just a tough sell. They have an accurate name because I would recommend dividing this band. I guess that’s why I’ve never heard of these “godfathers of Norwegian Prog Metal.”

Rating: 5/10

1. Immortal
2. Closure
3. Only for You
4. Sacrificed
5. Proud
6. Demise
7. Redefined
8. How Many Tears
9. Depth
10. Seal of Faith

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DividedMultitude

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