Amiensus – “Ascension”

AscensionIt would be very easy to judge a book by its cover when it comes to Minnesota’s Amiensus. Their logo and the cover of “Ascension” scream black metal. While the band have some elements of black metal, like the verses on the opening track “On These Deserted Plains,” it is very clear when you hear not only the chorus of that song or really many parts of the rest of the album, this band melts many different styles of metal into their own brand.

Amiensus have elements of prog metal, death metal and post metal all mixed with black metal. The results are a study in the perfect use of dynamics. The bottom line is that these songs could be played in ANY style and be great. I could hear each one stripped to its core and done acoustically. The first part of “Time is Growing Old” is just that! The song spreads its blackened wings midway thru and takes off. It’s definitely a favorite track of mine.

Vocally, the band mix harsh vocals with clean male vocals and even clean female vocals at times. As I said, this is all about dynamics. Amiensus are keenly aware of what each song and even each PART of each song needs both vocally and musically. Whether its the beautiful harmonies that are at the start of “Towards Horizon” (another favorite of mine) or the double bass brutality of “One in Spirit.” It’s all here and this band can do it.

“Ascension” is not an album to be missed. I almost did so I am quite thankful that I can look back at this year and discover some albums that might have fallen thru the cracks. Amiensus are a very talented band with great energy and power. “Ascension” is aptly named because Amiensus are certainly posed to rise to bigger and better things. Do not judge this book by its cover. Open it up and enjoy it for yourselves.

Rating: 8.5/10


1. On These Deserted Plains
2. Towards Horizon
3. What Words Create
4. One in Spirit
5. Delphic Æther
6. Divine Potion of Acumen
7. Time is Growing Old
8. Glass Dungeon
9. What Evil Lay Dormant


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  1. I’m digging this. Thanks for the suggestion!

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