Secrets Of The Moon – “SUN”

sunThere is nothing I love more than a band that is willing to take risks that include changing musical directions. No, not to the point of losing their core identity but like Opeth has done, for example. Opeth still sound like Opeth but it’s clearly a new direction.

The same can now be said for Secrets of the Moon, who have slowly evolved over the years from their early black metal sound into a more extreme metal sound on their last album “Seven Bells” which I do really like. “SUN” is a different animal but again, it’s still sounds like Secrets of the Moon at the core.

The lead track “No More Colours” acts like a transition piece. It retains the fast double bass drums of “Seven Bells” but, as with the rest of “Sun,” it features clean vocals and a focus on more melody than before. By the time you get to “Man Behind the Sun,” there’s a slide guitar! Vocally, sG sounds more Gothic than death metal.

The lead single “Hole” has an ethereal vibe to it. There are more spaces in their sound now. If “Seven Bells” was the loud scream, “Sun” is the deep breath afterward. Secrets of the Moon are no less dark and evil, they’ve just found another way to express it. There’s a beauty to this darkness where before there was just pitch black.

“Here Lies the Sun” starts out like it might be something from “Seven Bells” but instead it opens up more and is far less claustrophobic than anything on that album. sG reminds me a bit of Tom G. Warrior when he sings on this track. Is that a tambourine? I like it. The band has really grown over the years and musically they have arrived.

Naming the album “Sun” seems to underscore that this album might seem like the opposite of what you’d expect from a band with “moon” in their name. Changes like this one will piss off as many fans as it will probably gain new ones. “Sun” is a bold statement but moreover it proves the level of talent that exists in Secrets of the Moon. You can now safely say that this band is capable of many shades of darkness.

Rating: 9/10

1. No More Colours
2. Dirty Black
3. Man Behind The Sun
4. Hole
5. Here Lies The Sun
6. I Took The Sky Away
7. Mark Of Cain

Label: Prophecy Productions

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