Shane Gaalaas – “Bitter Suites From The Red Room”

Shane_Bitter_SuitesI’ll admit that I’ve never heard of Shane Gaalaas before this. In doing some research, I feel like I should have heard of him since he has played drums with many well known people. Regardless, his solo album “Bitter Suites From The Red Room” is my first exposure.

The 33 minute album/EP is a hit/miss affair for me. While I love the jazzy “Tales from a Fantastic Lumbar” which has some amazing fretless bass on it, I find the loud keys on “Silverstand Sedation” to be down right annoying. And it’s clear that Gaalaas is a very talented drummer who has a rather wide taste in music. “Grind 2.0” is a jazz blues mix and “Wherever Giorgio Dare Roam” is riff heavy rock with a weird twist.

At times, he does remind me of what someone like Marco Minnemann does. It’s just not as over the top and many of the songs are too brief. Ideas and themes aren’t given enough time to develop or hold my attention. There’s no denying the technical ability of Shane Gaalaas but as a band leader and composer, the album “Bitter Suites From The Red Room” could have used more time in the oven.

Rating: 6/10

1. El Niño Overture
2. Silverstrand Sedation
3. Tales From A Fantastic Lumbar
4. Grind 2.0 (The Salacious Elixir)
5. Wherever Giorgio Dare Roam
6. Sik Pa-Jam-As
7. Gaunchpull vs. The Atomic Wedgie
8. Ototoxic Gaalbladderass
9. Song For Dale

Label: Junkman Records

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