An Ocean of Void – “The Great Escape”

AooVAn Ocean of Void are compared to Ghost Brigade, Russian Circles, Cult of Luna and Pink Floyd. All of these are reasonable comparisons. They feel like a cross between Cult of Luna and Ghost Brigade to me. On paper this should be a band that I love. But that’s why you have to listen first.

They are definitely talented musically and write decent songs. The problem is the production on “The Great Escape.” It is VERY flat. The drums have zero power to them. The same could be said for the guitars too. The album never quite sounds heavy when it needs to and it has no atmosphere when it needs that.

If this was a demo recording, I would think it was amazing. Sadly, this needs some additional work to give it a better sound. The vocals actually sound great so I am not sure what happened. If the album was given to someone like Jens Borgen to mix it, I am thinking it might have saved this album. All the ingredients are present, the problem is “The Great Escape” sounds undercooked.

Rating: 6.5/10

1. Diving in the Deepest Sea
2. Enigma
3. Silent Storm
4. Resonance
5. Behind Red Clouds
6. An Ocean of Void Part. I
7. A Faded Light
8. An Ocean of Void Part. II

Label: Inverse Records

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