Mirror – “Mirror”

Mirror-MirrorWhat would have happened if Dennis DeYoung and Tony Iommi had met up at a Deep Purple show in 1974? If they had formed a band, it might have sounded like Mirror. On their self-titled debut, the band sound like Wooden Nickel era Styx merged with Sabbath Bloody Sabbath era Sabbath held together with Deep Purple glue.

Lead singer Jimmy Mavromatis reminds me of DeYoung back in the day, before he turned into a shitty Adult Contemporary singer. The band have elements of all three of the aforementioned bands, especially Black Sabbath on tracks like “Year of the Red Moon” and the closer “Elysian.” There’s also plenty of Jon Lord-esque organ through out the album.

The songs are all well-written and have plenty of great riffs but also enough twists and turns to keep it interesting. “Mirror” is an authentic time piece from 1974 but is fresher than many of the bands that just borrow from that era versus living it. If you like strong vocals, pounding riffs and songs about the occult, Mirror have a great album for you.

Rating: 8/10

1. Mirror
2. Curse of the Gypsy
3. Year of the Red Moon
4. Heavy King
5. Madness and Magik
6. Galleon
7. Cloak of a Thousand Secrets
8. Orion’s Sword
9. Elysian

Label: Metal Blade Records

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