Christian Aguirre – “Innermost”

InnermostPeruvian guitarist Christian Aguirre serves up a 5 EP called “Innermost” which showcases the guitarist’s talented playing. No, it is not a shred-fest by any means which is refreshing. Yes it’s metal but Aguirre is a disciple of the almighty riff and not one to over play.

The songs fit nicely together too.  And these are 5 songs and not just chords thrown together to solo over. Aguirre is a GREAT rhythm player. The riffs are chunky and have plenty of punch. Downsides, since it’s an indie release, there are times I get a humming sound on some of the heavier moments. Since he did this on his own dime, it’s understandable that this is not going to be perfect.

Honestly, I think Christian Aguirre needs a band to fully realize his ability. He is clearly a song writer and as the main solo of “Changing Colours” proves, he can write a great melody. “Innermost” is an enjoyable listen, very easy get lost in. Here’s hoping we get bigger and better things from this talented player.

Rating: 7.5/10

1. I: The Wolf That Carried The World
2. II: The Stone Forest
3. III: Changing Colours
4. IV: Anhedonia
5. V: Into The Gossamer


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