Phil Collins unretires and the Internet asks him to reconsider



By now, everyone has heard that Phil Collins is unretired and that 3,000 people signed an Internet petition telling Collins to stay retired. It’s just a joke, albeit a mean one. I can understand the people who signed. The Phil Collins that many people want, the guy who used to be the drummer (only) in Genesis, is long gone by now. Many blame him for what Genesis became but let’s face it, there were 2 other culprits as well.

Genesis isn’t the issue. Phil Collins churned out some putrid pop garbage. Sure, I love “In the Air Tonight.” And “Take Me Home” was a good tune as well. But for every good song, Phil would shit out songs like “Sussudio” or “One More Night” or “Don’t Lose My Number.” I could go on but I am sure you know all this since it was impossible to escape his stranglehold in 1985.

But folks, let’s remember that this is not 1985. Phil Collins doesn’t matter anymore. Him un-retiring is not preventing Genesis from coming back from the dead. Let’s remember what version of Genesis came back in 2007. So if Phil wants to come back, let the man come back. 3,000 people isn’t much opposition anyway. Phil, you have no power here. Sing all your schlock til the cows come home.

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