Interview with Tor Magne Glidje of Mantric


It’s been five years now since we last heard from Mantric. Why was there such a gap between “Sin” and “The Descent”?

A lot of things have changed since we released “The Descent”. It had nothing to do with us being tired of making music, we’ve been writing on and off all that time, but different happenings in our lives made it harder to focus on the band for a longer period of time. We’re now back on track, being creative and we’ll continue writing new music.

How would you compare the two albums? I found “Sin” to be more cohesive and yet it still maintains the insanity that I associate with Mantric.

On this album we knew how we wanted the album to sound like. I agree that it’s more cohesive. It would be fair to say that “The Descent” sounds more like Extol’s “blueprint”. When we wrote “The Descent” we had just ended touring with Extol, and the band had just broken up. Lot of the songs and ideas were originally written for the next Extol-album. When that band broke up, we continued writing new songs that all ended up on our debut. On “Sin” we’ve been more focused on going in a new direction, adding more harmonic elements and turning down elements that too often get compared to the American screamo-genre. Unfortunately. We didn’t want to sound like auto-tuned kids on helium. It’s so worn-out and predictable crap in my ears. Very transparent and shallow. On “Sin” we’ve managed to separate ourselves from that scene I think.


It’s inevitable that Mantric will be compared to Extol since you basically evolved from Extol back in 2007. Now Extol is also active again, there are two bands that share some DNA, how would you say that Mantric differs from Extol?

I think Mantric differs from Extol in a lot of ways. There’s not many similarities in my ears. Extol has kind of returned to their metal-roots. Many of the new songs are once again influenced by death-metal bands, like the early Pestilence and Death recordings. Of course they’re adding their own signature and has a more clean production. Mantric has gone the other way, trying to create something unique, and are sounding more analogue than ever. We’ve played with those guys in different constellations for many years, so it comes as no surprise if someone would hear some similarities between the bands. But, I would say the latest albums of Mantric and Extol are two totally different musical universes.

What are some of your musical influences and some of the band’s influences as a whole?

As a teenager I was totally into extreme music, and then got introduced to the 4AD-catalogue and all that stuff. A mix of those camps influenced me a lot the first years when I first started writing music. As I’ve grown up my taste for music hasn’t changed that much, but I guess I’m more into good harmonies and I’m more selective in what I listen to. Extreme music does not affect me the same way it used to, and I would prefer listening to Swervedriver than to Repulsion so to speak. It changes all the time. I go through different phases all the time, and that reflects my writing. That goes for the band influences as well. Fortunately we always seem to go in the same direction.

So what’s next for Mantric? Any plans for a tour?

Well, “Sin” is now available digitally, on CD and soon on Vinyl as well. Hopefully we’ll be joining on a tour pretty soon, and I’ll be happy if we’ll get a nice support-slot for a bigger band. We’ll avoid the typical 2 weeks crustpunk-tours in Germany for sure. We’ve already started writing songs for the next album, and we’ll start the recording as soon as we´re satisfied with the songs. As for now, it seems like we’re heading towards our most melodic and melancholic album to date.

Thank you so much for answering my questions! Please don’t wait another 5 years for another album.

Thank you! We’ll go for a new record next year this time!


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  1. Most underrated band out there.

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