Hadean – “On Fading”

On FadingHadean are a perfect example of why I have this site, why I review music and why I love bands that push the envelope. It’s probably easiest to call Hadean an avant-garde band but that really doesn’t tell the story. Their album “On Fading” is a mixture everything from noise rock, ambient music, post metal and horn driven prog. The ensuing chaos of the opening track “Noise Reduction Impulse” doesn’t prepare the listener for what the band are capable and more than willing to do. Though it does at least show just how dangerous the band can be.

The second track “New Lows” is the polar opposite of that opening track. Twisted ambient music with strange noises and synths everywhere. A sax with heavy echo starts the third track “Inertia.” At that point, you start getting a clearer picture of what Hadean are about. No, Toby Driver is not in this band but you might think so after listening to “Inertia” kick in. Remember when Kayo Dot embraced the old maudlin of the Well sound on the album “Hubardo”? Well, that’s were you THINK it’s going until they go all Between the Buried and Me about 3 minutes in. It sounds like BTBAM starting a fight with Thank You Scientist.

Saudade is like Van der Graaf Generator on steroids. It’s surprising that VDGG didn’t influence more bands. Adding horns to the mix of any heavy, slightly chaotic sound will just make it more interesting and Hadean have that all figured out. Did I mention the black metal vocals of Zak Bowditch? It’s nice that he isn’t buried so far back in the mix like some bands are doing with their black metal vocals. deafheaven, I am looking at you! Add in a beautiful piano solo piece on this track by Dan R. Howard and I am left shaking my head. All of these seemingly unrelated styles, all fitting together in the same fucking song!!

“New Lows (Redux.)” is the jazz, lounge instrumental that the album needed. But it doesn’t really prepare you for the epic title track that closes the album. It starts with a slow, majestic prog opening and some additionally impressive piano work. But what makes this my favorite track is the full horn section that allows this song to achieve lift off half way through. At that point, you realize how almost unrelated this song is when compared to the opening track “Noise Reduction Impulse.” Sure you have death vocals, but this song shows that noise rock and prog rock can work perfectly together. The track reminds me a bit of So Hideous who I also love.

“On Fading” is what music should be. Challenging, massive and never disposable. The songs on this album all need each other too because Hadean take you on a journey over the course of a mere 43 minutes. It’s the perfect amount of time to revel in the order and chaos that make up the experiments housed within “On Fading.” By the way, it’s also “Name Your Price” on Bandcamp!

Rating: 9.5/10

1. Noise Reduction Impulse
2. New Lows
3. Inertia
4. Saudade
5. New Lows (Redux.)
6. On Fading

Bandcamp: hadean.bandcamp.com

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