Mechanical Man – “Mechanical Man”

Mechanical ManI really love it when a band that is labeled “progressive metal” is the DEFINITION of it. Moscow’s Mechanical Man are indeed the Russian definition of progressive metal. Musically, their self titled album is nothing short of total perfection. Every track is brimming with technically, musicianship and melody.

The guitars are muscular, the keys sound vibrant, and the rhythm section is tight. My one issue is vocalist Alexey Efimov who is good but, with the band being as incredible as they are, he really needs to raise his game to their level. He seems to have a limited range and has a rasp to his voice which doesn’t always fit the music. I realize he is Russian but there are times when it would be nice to understand him a little better as well.

Songs like “White Out,” “Nightmare Master” and the dynamic “Will of Fate” (amazing track) show that the band can write some great songs with plenty of hooks to go with their amazing chops. There are plenty of great solos of course, plus I was VERY impressed with the production and mix. This is a THICK sounding album that packs plenty of punch.

If I were to grade this album on music alone, it would be a 10. The music is THAT good! But the vocals are just a 7, for me. Overall, this is a great album that fans of Dream Theater, Symphony X, and Shadow Gallery will certainly enjoy.

Rating: 8/10
1. Mechanical Man
2. White Out
3. Wonderful World
4. Madhouse
5. Queen of the Night
6. Will of Fate
7. Nightmare Master
8. Dr.Frankenstein


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