Atomic Symphony – “Redemption”

RedemptionAtomic Symphony have a good grasp on the progressive metal concept. The band was a symphonic metal band that apparently decided to become a prog metal band. First off, the band can definitely play. You can’t be a band in either of those genres without having SOME chops. They have plenty of chops.

What they don’t have is enough hooks to make their debut album “Redemption” anything of consequence. Many songs have too many riffs flying around. That causes issues for the melody line which is often rather weak and forgettable. One of the few exceptions is the second track “Abyss” which has a decent chorus. By the time, you hit the instrumental “Delusive Dreams,” the problems are clear.

“Delusive Dreams” isn’t a showoff instrumental. Instead, the keys take the role that would normally be set aside for vocals. It sounds better too. Lead vocalist Jasmin Baggenstos can sing but I am not sold on her range being enough for prog metal. She actually sounds like she is having to sing a melody line written for a male voice and thus it sounds odd. Overall, I just don’t care for the tone of her voice but maybe it’s the melody lines that are shit.

The lyrics are about war and the usual pitfalls. They tend to come off trite and the music seems a bit “paint by numbers.” Given all of this, it makes sense that Atomic Symphony were a power metal band. Overall, “Redemption” is trying way too hard on all fronts. But since it’s the debut album, time will tell how much Atomic Symphony will grow from this point.

Rating: 4.5/10

1. Lost Eden
2. Abyss
3. Walk Through Fire and Pain
4. Breathing Rage
5. Face the Evil
6. Delusive Dreams
7. Fate of the Gods
8. Asylum
9. Shattered


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