OVRFWRD – “Fantasy Absent Reason”

ovrfwrdCan I buy a vowel? The band OVRFWRD could use a few! The band are an all-instrumental outfit from Minnesota that are more prog rock than post rock. Their second album “Fantasy Absent Reason” is a fearless affair that shows that OVRFWRD are willing to try anything. While I do respect the band’s sense of adventure, it doesn’t always work as well as I would like.

The good news is that the best track is the title track that opens the album. It’s by far the longest track at almost 17 minutes. It reminds me a bit of old Porcupine Tree back when they were experimental. The features the best hooks and transitions on the record. The problem is I don’t think the rest of the album lives up to the opening epic.

The second track, “Brother Jack McDuff” is a psychedelic blues rock jaunt that just doesn’t really go anywhere. “Dust Nova” is a mini-epic which a slow building that does come the closest to working as well as the opening track. It just takes a little too long to really get going but once it does, the band are at their best.

“Utopia Planitia” is a slice of Goblin mixed with some very nice flute playing. Imagine if Goblin were having a pleasant day rather than scoring a horror movie. A solid track with a nice guitar solo midway through. The ending track “Creature Comforts” has a rather annoying riff which would work as a transitional riff but not as the main riff of a song. It’s an uninspiring finish to a good album.

Overall, I think OVRFWRD are very talented and great players but the songs range from quite good to rather forgettable. The album is worth owning if only for the title track and even “Dust Nova.” While “Fantasy Absent Reason” doesn’t take things as FAR as I might like, OVRFWRD have enough to please many fans of progressive rock.

Rating: 6.5/10

1. Fantasy Absent Reason
2. Brother Jack McDuff
3. Dust Nova
4. Utopia Planitia
5. Creature Comforts

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Ovrfwrd-528667523812942/

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