Malacoda – “Malacoda”

Malacoda“Just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should.”

Hopefully these words will ring true on the next album by Canadian band Malacoda. On their self-titled debut, the band shows they can pretty much pull off any style of metal they want. The issue is they try to do it almost all at once.

Many of the songs will start with a riff and then switch to a seemingly unrelated riff right after. The first track “Abandon All Hope” is guilty of it. And really the songs seem to change their minds often. Lead singer Lucas Di Mascio can basically do anything with his voice. From a Randy Blythe like death vocal to a great high register, but the problem tends to be that the vocal doesn’t always mesh with the music behind it.

There are times when the vocal is super heavy but the music is anything but that. Producer Joel Kazmi has the band trying too many different things within each track, rather than giving this young band good direction. He single handledly fucks up the best track on the album too. “Cruel Departure” is a powerful, soaring track with plenty of melody. But when the guitar solo comes it, instead of it being this epic solo, Kazmi has a clunky, almost stoner metal guitar solo played.

Malacoda have so much talent and you can definitely hear it on this album. There are plenty of great moments on it. Unfortunately, they can seem out of place with other moments. It’s important to remember that debut albums are merely an introduction and as introductions go, this is a fine “hello.” I will be very interested to see what this band does next because they have the potential for something amazing.

Rating: 7/10

1. Abandon All Hope
2. Cutting
3. Deafening
4. Vexation
5. Lobotomy of the Heart
6. Vigilante
7. Cruel Departure
8. Phantom Pain
9. Lamia
10. Outback


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