Eldritch – “Underlying Issues”

EldritchEldritch have been around a while now and while they have always been billed as progressive metal. I am not sure I’d call them that to be honest. Their latest album “Underlying Issues” does not sound progressive at all. In fact, the songs tend to blend together, all being the same pace and style.

The riffs are fairly basic with a simpler power chord style. Once in a while they will add a trickier riff like at the 2:30 mark of “The Face I Wear.” The problem is that it feels completely out of place in the song. There’s nothing bad about the album but there’s nothing really good about it either.

Vocalist Terence Holler can sing but his tone is nasally and he always emphasizes words in an abrupt way. It’s okay to hold notes. The guitar tone is also a bit thin throughout the album. Lyrically, I think we’ve all heard enough love songs. “To The Moon And Back” is as sappy as it gets. “Never had the temper but I was built to fight” is a line from “Before I Die.” That’s a love song about trying to save a broken relationship? I’m not Dr. Phil but sounds like anger issues.

If people are expecting a progressive metal album from Eldritch, be warned that “Underlying Issues” is really just formula metal. At best, it’s background music. At worst, it’s just a generic album from a band that seems to have made a career out of that.

Rating: 3/10

1. Changing Blood
2. Danger Zone
3. Broken
4. All And More
5. The Face I Wear
6. To The Moon And Back
7. Bringers Of Hate
8. The Light
9. Piece Of Clarity
10. Before I Die
11. Slowmotion K Us

Label: Scarlet Records
Bandcamp: scarletrecords.bandcamp.com/album/underlying-issues

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4 Responses to Eldritch – “Underlying Issues”

  1. Alessio says:

    The worst review ever read in my life! Better if you close your site and you find another kind of hobby. This is one of the best progressive album ever produced!


  2. Alessio says:

    It’s ok for me but as Italian I cannot understand how you can give 3/10 to this Eldritch’s last album. Maybe you have given 10/10 to the shit last DT album Astonishing? I hope not as they do past and copy every time with zero pathos and zero inspiration….


    • progmanrob says:

      I did review the new DT on here. I even reviewed their live show. I just didn’t like the Eldritch album. It’s all subjective. My opinion is just that. I said why I didn’t like it as well. But I am glad you like it. Maybe you like it even more now because I don’t like it. Either way, whatever I think about it doesn’t matter as long as you like it.


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