Toul Syes – “4”

Toul SyesMost people are aware that I think post rock is very much a part of prog. Toul Syes are an all-instrumental post rock band from Budapest, who are less prog than most post rock bands I have been listening to. They have a noisier sound and a bit less atmosphere to their style. While that falls very much in line with post rock, they never really push things any further than that. All for tracks have basically the same feel to them.

Many times the album “4” feels more like a live jam session which is fine really. The opening track “Légzuhatag” has a slow intro before the band erupts and pounds out a solid jam. There aren’t overly strong hooks to the song, but they are more about power and hitting you with a blast of sound, in between moments of subtly. And that vibe continues into the next track, “Merülés.” They remind me a bit of The Fierce and The Dead, which is definitely a complement. The problem is that they don’t experiment or do anything nutty like TFATD. They have the rumble to their sound which is quite similar.

Overall, if you like the more garage rock sounding post rock bands that can still very much play their instruments, Toul Syes are probably for you. “4” doesn’t re-write the post rock script but it does add another comfortable chapter to the book of a great genre of music.

Rating: 7/10

1. Légzuhatag
2. Merülés
3. Lángtörés
4. Minden nap sivatag


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