Interview with Jørn Viggo Lofstad of Pagan’s Mind


You guys went the crowdfunding route for “Full Circle.” What made you decide to do it?

Having been booked into a 3-hour headlining set at the Prog Power USA festival we thought it would be cool to document this. The fact that we were playing the album Celestial Entrance from beginning to end made this concert special and exclusive. But we released the Live Equation in 2009 and thought that maybe it was too to release a new live album. So we went on and asked our fans on our Facebook page if this was something they would be interested in. The feedback we got was massive and positive. It was Gerwin Bakker who came up with the idea of doing the Indie Gogo campaign, and after deciding which perks we where gonna offer the fans the project was put to life.

You wound up going way over the goal as I understand it. How did that feel?

We did not know how much money we really needed the money to finance this project. We did an estimate of 20,000 Euro which was also the goal for the campaign .We were very surprised by how quickly we reached our goal, it only took a few days. Within the campaign was over we received over 33,000 Euro. Something that is absolutely fantastic. Hehe but right now we are very happy that we more than we thought we would need, cause we spent every cent and then some to finish the prosject.

As far as the performance goes, is there more pressure knowing that you are recording it with the idea of releasing both the audio and the video?

Sure, I mean if you do a really bad performance there is not much you can do about it. Also there is a lot of factors you do not control yourself like the audio recording and the filming. Luckily it all went well except a few technical problems during the show. But as a band we have played so many gigs that we do not “freak out” by the thought of us being filmed and recorded, it only made us focus more. 

Song-wise, you did the entire “Celestial Entrance” album. How challenging was that? And why did you decide to do the whole thing?

It was a bit challenging at first because its been so long since we played many of those songs, but after a couple of rehearsals it all went well. It was very cool playing that album live and im glad we did it. The reason we played the entire album was that “a lot” of people kept on asking us and we thought “why not”

How did you choose what other songs would make up the setlist for this live album?

The rest of the set list was a combination between what we know the audience want to hear and us wanting to play songs we normally do not play. That ended up with us making the instrumental medley called Full Circle which is on set nr 2. This is a 15 minute long instrumental that is put together by a lots of cool parts coming from songs we never play live.

 What’s next for you guys? I am hoping the answer is a new album!

 The next is finishing at least one album 😉 maybe two also. We will release a new album in 2016.


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