Pagan’s Mind – “Full Circle”

PAGANS MIND FullCircleTo be honest, I am not big on live albums personally. I enjoy watching live shows or watching DVDs/BluRays of them but live audio albums are not my bag. It seems like generally speaking, live albums are not always really live. Overdubs and extra crowd noise plus all the “fixing” of bum notes prevents them from being truly live.

Thankfully, “Full Circle” by Pagan’s Mind sounds live. The crowd sounds legit, right down to the chanting during the songs. While the band is basically perfect live, they do sound LIVE. Nils K. Rue is an amazing vocalist but you can tell that he is on a stage singing versus doing it after the fact in a studio.

Performance wise, the band sound amazing. This is their second live album but it is truly a definitive live statement with a setlist that is all any die hard Pagan’s Mind fan could ever want. They play “Celestial Entrance” in it’s entirety! How awesome is that? This was recorded a little over a year ago on Center Stage at Prog Power on September 11, 2014. The one downside is that the intro during “Approaching” isn’t terribly interesting but that’s a minor point because it’s not the band’s fault that the promoter went off a bit.

Anyway, I don’t grade live albums much the same as I don’t grade concert reviews. You either love the band enough to see them live and/or buy their live albums or you don’t. It’s really great that they released this since many of us aren’t lucky enough to witness Pagan’s Mind live. And lastly, can we please take notice of how awesome guitarist Jorn Viggo Lofstad is?

Highly recommended live package for all prog metal fans! “Full Circle” is available on 2CDs + DVD, Blu-ray disc + 2 CDs and 2 LPs.

2.Through Osiris’ Eyes
3.Entrance Stargate
4….Of Epic Questions
5.Dimensions Of Fire
6.Dreamscape Lucidity
7.The Seven Sacred Promises
8.Back To The Magic Of Childhood I: Conception
9.Back To The Magic Of Childhood II: Exploring Life
10.In Brilliant White Light
11.Aegean Shores
12.The Prophecy Of Pleiades

1.New World Order
3.Enigmatic Mission
4.Live Your Life Like A Dream
5.Hallo Spaceboy
6.Full Circle
7.Walk Away In Silence
8.Eyes Of Fire
9.God’s Equation
10.United Alliance

Label: Steamhammer / SPV

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