Queensrÿche – “Condition Hüman”

conditionhumanAs if the self-titled album by Queensrÿche wasn’t highly anticipated enough! With the resounding success of that album, the reconstituted Queensrÿche had the task of doing it again and proving they were indeed back and better than ever. “Condition Hüman” is the result and if you loved that self-titled album like I did, you will love this album as well.

I could just stop there I guess! It’s great to hear a band that is rejuvenated and happy. It shows in the songwriting and performances on “Condition Hüman.” By now, everyone has at least heard the first three tracks which all have that classic sound. Plenty of dual guitar lines and great hooks. Michael Wilton has finally found a guitarist that he can truly mesh with in Parker Lundgren.

Todd LaTorre sounds amazing throughout this album, much as he did on the self-titled one. If anything, the band sounds like they’ve jelled even more. “Toxic Remedy” shows some added maturity sound-wise and even lyrically, with this one being about drug addiction. The band is a little less pissed off like the last album. It worked perfectly there but it’s nice that they can now explore other areas besides anger and triumph.

“Selfish Lives” is a nice mid-tempo song which has a great guitar solo, it’s a song that really doesn’t sound like another Queensrÿche song but is very much Queensrÿche. Maybe that’s the key to everything here. The band are able to be the real Queensrÿche but not re-write the past. “Eve9” is a moody track that has a really cool riff and some nice dual lead parts. This song is not as immediate which is great. I love that it will be a grower.

“Bulletproof” slows things down with plenty of power and emotion. It’s more proof as to why LaTorre is the the vocalist now. Melody and space are the key elements on not only this track but really most of the songs on “Condition Hüman.” Part of the reason the self-titled album was shorter in length was that the band had so much energy bottled up that the album was like a blast of energy. “Condition Hüman” is the deep breath that follows that blast.

“Hourglass” is another track with an interesting chord progression, acoustic guitars and a dual lead solo that fits the song perfectly. The song has multiple parts and definitely shows that “Condition Hüman” is much more of a prog metal album than the last album was. I love this song, it’s one of my favorites.

“Just Us” is an acoustic guitar driven track that had me going “oh wow” right from the start. This is just a really great song with amazing orchestration courtesy of the great Scott Rockenfield. It’s not “Silent Lucidity” either. This sounds more like Queensrÿche than Pink Floyd.

“All There Was” is another classic rocker along the lines of the first few tracks on the album. “The Aftermath” is a moody and insane interlude. And then we have the epic title track (yes I said epic), which closes out the album perfectly. This song is classic Queensrÿche in the vein of tracks like “Roads of Madness” with definite sections that go from quieter to heavier. And the guitar solo alone makes it worth the price of admission.

Queensrÿche have done it again. For those wondering if they were for real, “Condition Hüman” giving the fans everything they could possibly want. “Condition Hüman” is a progressive metal album first and foremost. “Condition Hüman” is Queensrÿche silencing whatever detractors were left. Well done! Also, please note that I never used a certain four letter word.

Rating: 9.5/10

1. Arrow Of Time
2. Guardian
3. Hellfire
4. Toxic Remedy
5. Selfish Lives
6. Eye9
7. Bulletproof
8. Hourglass
9. Just Us
10. All There Was
11. The Aftermath
12. Condition Hüman

Website: www.queensrycheofficial.com

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