Vly – “I / Time”

VlyThere are albums that are so easy to listen to over and over. Vly’s debut album “Time” is one of those albums. The songs are all lush, beautiful and a melodic. Vly sound like if the band Astra was influenced by Pink Floyd rather than Yes. The opening track “Shine” has that softness and gentle nature of Pink Floyd.

It also has one of those chords that I look for. It’s one that makes me go “oh yes.” “Unzip your skin and SHINE.” It’s on that last word that it comes in. You don’t expect the chord either which just adds to the perfectness of it. Plus the song has a killer slide solo from Karl Demata.

The title track is another favorite of mine. This one reminds me a little of older Porcupine Tree. Nothing wrong with that either. I love the deeper vocal and the higher harmony during the chorus. “Time, it washes over me.” Perfect. Again, the song is just so lush with various keyboards. It just glides so nicely.

The album has three interludes (“Time Elapsed,” “Time Remembered,” and “Time Forgotten”) on it which all work. I am highly critical of any interlude because they tend to come off as filler. None of these feel like filler at all.

The band deserves praise for always putting the song first. The lyrics and music all fit together. The playing always fits the music. Sure the album is rooted in 70s prog but it never ever sounds dated. New Yorker Keith Gladysz has a really strong voice and never over sings. Song after song on this album, he consistently delivers a great performance.

With Vly as I have said, it’s about the songs. Whether it’s the gentle “Headache” or or “Perfect Place” or the rocking “Out of the Maze” which has some awesome keys (including a bad ass organ), the songs are so memorable. “Time” is actually timeless. This album is all about writing great music and then delivering a KILLER performance. I really can’t say a bad thing about the whole album. A perfect debut.

Rating: 9.5/10

1. Circles
2. Time
3. Time Elapsed
4. Headache
5. Out of the Maze
6. Hypnotic
7. Time Remembered
8. Silver Beaches
9. Message in Water
10. Dark Days
11. Perfect Place
12. Time Forgotten

Keith Gladysz (Diet Kong, Typical Reptiles) – vocals
Karl Demata (ex-Crippled Black Phoenix, Karl Demata Band) – guitars, synths, programming
Elisa Montaldo (Il Tempio Delle Clessidre) – keyboards and synths
Chris Heilmann (ex-Crippled Black Phoenix, Bernie Torme’, Shark Island) – bass
Mattias Olsson (ex-Änglagård. White Willow, Necromonkey) – drums, keyboards

Website: www.vlymusic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vlyband
Label: www.lasersedgegroup.com/labels/lasers-edge

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