Animal Version – “Elsewhere”

ElsewhereHailing from Antwerp, Belgium comes the ball of energy called Animal Version. Their debut album “Elsewhere” is built on melody and intensity. The drumming pushes the songs along with relentless pace. Vocalist John (no last names are given for these guys) is very intense. His vocals are equally powerful and emotional.

Musically, Animal Version sound Australian. What? They remind me of a mixture of Dead Letter Circus and Karnivool. Imagine if Karnivool were hopped up on caffeine. For the most part, I like the songs although sometimes I wish the guys let things breathe more than they do. The guitar lines are usually as manic as the drums are. I was hoping the nearly twelve minute epic “Silverback Disco” would maybe have more space to it. It doesn’t though. It does have some nice changes in it but all are fairly fierce.

Things to slow a bit for the beginning of “A Zest – Like Zero” but that too turns into the band rocking out like crazy again. It’s hard to fault the band for something they are really good at. For whatever this album lacks in diversity, it makes up for with passion and power. That’s not to say that the music doesn’t have some space here and there but the band don’t wait too long before running you over like a freight train.

The good news is that Animal Version are good players too. The arrangements are tight and yes a bit on the busy side. “Elsewhere” is a very solid debut from a band that has tremendous potential. If you like modern alternative prog, I think Animal Version will certain appeal to you. Make sure you strap yourself in.

Rating: 7.5/10

1. Octopus
2. Sonic Silhouette
3. Silverback Disco
4. A Zest – Like Zero
5. Black Bone Serenity
6. Animals
7. Dialogue Infinity


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